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A word by the President

We live and breathe our mission every day. One thing that we believe very, very deeply is that the best work is done by teams. People and institutions, who get together, challenge each other, and

work together can accomplish so much more than people working individually. And yet there wasn’t such a cohesive institutional grouping working together for innovation to

create life time opportunities for individuals as well as for the collective national and sub-regional economies. So Agenla academy set out to change that individual format for educating people. Our goal

was to bring the heads of institutions of learning and training at home and abroad under the same thinking cap. Today Agenla Academy at universities in Cameroon has coined that appellation from that

singular initiative to build and harness innovation learning, technology, and businesses to unlock the power of teams of training institutions much better. Agenla Academy Entrance Examinations are our

Performance Contract The introduction of an entrance examination for the Engineering Field candidates indicates the foresight and purposefulness of the management of this Bilingual sub-regional

University. Our University’s special Entrance Examination is however an exclusive test reserved for the Level 1 Professional Bachelor’s Degree in the Engineering Science Field. The big idea here is to

select folks who are willing to work with the University as well as in selected industries after meriting their Professional Bachelor’s Degree in the field of engineering. This means that the University teaches

by example and ensures the employment and insertion of its own graduates in that process. The great thing about this entrance examination is, if you hit it you might jolly well hit a great scholarship

opportunity granted by the University. There’s lots of fun for you out here. You can find out what it takes to join our prestigious community at Agenla Academy at Universities in Cameroon here

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