Training for Banking and Financial Institutions 3, 12

The first thing I want to make clear here is that whether you are a professional or an enthusiastic

newcomer to banking and finance Agenla Academy at Universities in Cameroon has what it takes to

let you achieve your training goals.

Our professional level study courses in Banking Operations, Wealth Management, Compliance/Risk,

Capital Markets/Corporate Finance, and Financial Planning offer you the opportunity to achieve core

competences. It fosters strong careers in all areas of banking and financial services.

Concretely our professional qualifications will provide you with:

 specialist knowledge and expertise to foster a strong career in your chosen technical

discipline whether it be securities, derivatives, financial derivatives, corporate

finance transactions, financial markets, bonds and fixed interest markets or fund


 specialist knowledge and expertise to foster a strong career in wealth and

investment management and will qualify you to advise clients even under global


 specialist knowledge and expertise to foster a strong career in global financial

compliance, financial crime, governance and risk management or regulation and


 specialist knowledge and expertise to foster strong careers in all areas of financial


To keep our standards permanently high Agenla Academy at Universities in Cameroon makes sure

our qualifications are designed, to ensure they are purpose built for the market and remain relevant.

Many banks and financial organisations in Cameroon and the Central African recognize our

qualifications as identifiers of competent staff.

Banking professionals are expected to have an acumen that demonstrates that they have:

 interest in the banking business ;

 a logical mind;

 a rigorous policy, ability to listen, dialogue and contact, discretion, and a

sense of good assets management,

 an analytical mind, and

 ingenuity;

The banking and financial institutions course program is certainly for you 

This program aims to train you in banking business so that you can become Corporate

Customers Advisor-Manager, Heritage Management Advisor, etc. and in the various areas of

corporate finance and market as well as in Accounting (excluding public accounting that falls

under the ACA course).

Job openings remain encouraging

You services are likely to be solicited for the posts of;

 Senior staff of banks, microfinance institutions, savings and development

cooperatives and other credit institutions,

 bank or insurance management controller,

 Senior staff in the various banking services in credit institutions.

Our reputation for high standards and innovation in training professionals will give you the

edge anywhere. This means you don’t need to turn elsewhere but to click here and apply for

a position in the course and to get what you want.

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