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Permit me to recall (for the last time certainly) that at Agenla Academy at Universities in

Cameroon, it’s our delight to show you how to learn and also how to succeed in life; and

one great way to succeed in life is by gaining great communication skills.

Now try to observe the successful business people around you. You'll notice that they are

confident and enthusiastic about their work and really succeed in getting things done.

They inspire you – well, maybe not you for now – but they inspire me, and they empower

others around them to succeed…

Bottom line is, they are engaged in all aspects of their work and life. So our Communications

course has been geared to boost your own engagement levels as well.

The communication training course at Agenla Academy at Universities in Cameroon will help

you master the human relation skills demanded in today's tough business environment.

You'll learn to:

 improve human relations skills,

 strengthen interpersonal relationships,

 manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions,

 develop more effective communication skills and

 be better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, problem-solver,

focused leader, and what's more,

 you develop a take-charge attitude to initiate with confidence and enthusiasm

You should attend this course for obvious reasons

It is for the simple reason that employees at all levels (as well as starters) who seek to

maximize their performance, become stronger leaders and add more value to themselves

and to their organization.

It may be interesting to have a look at the course benefits and your new


 Apply a proven process to recall names and facts

 Utilize a proven process to strengthen relationships

 Use your experiences to communicate more confidently

 Persuasively communicate in a way so people are moved to action

 Become more animated to energize and engage listeners

 Communicate clearly and concisely

 Create an “all-win” environment

 Give positive feedback on the strengths in others

 Deal with challenging interpersonal situations more effectively

 Use flexibility to create positive change

 Increase your ability to manage worry and stress

COMMUNICATION requires people who demonstrate the enthusiasm to:

 master the development and implementation of a communication policy;

 support the administration of an organization in the promotion, media coverage and

improvement of the visibility of its actions;

 ensure good content write-up and regular updating of webpages;

 maintain an informational intelligence by all media channels;

 contribute to capacity building for the staff of organizations in the use of NICTs;

 facilitate media coverage of the activities of organizations at all levels: national,

regional and international

 participate in the editing of works and also in the archiving, storage and

management of the documentation of an organization

Job openings are respectful:

 Communication Assistant

 Communication Officer

 Press Officer

 Corporate Journalist

 Web Project Manager or Events Planner

You can count on our highly committed teaching staff and seek to benefit from their

experience by clicking here to apply

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