Electrical engineering & Telecommunications Training .In the fields of Electrical engineering & Telecommunications one thing’s clear! These sectors have been pivotal to the economic development of industrialised countries. That’s not the case with our sub-region where electrical power is a rare bird even in areas that have connections Electrical power and telecommunications training invariably remain indispensable to those of us in underdeveloped economic systems. Cameroon’s economic and industrial development as well as that of the Central African sub-region in general can only be achieved through the unavoidable contribution of these two technologies. Again, Agenla Academy at Universities in Cameroon gladly assume our responsibility to provide the delicate skills needed to run these vital tools of economic growth. Consequently, we have brought these competences to your doorsteps. It’s up to you to exploit them by joining the Agenla Academy community of innovators. This is what we are going to do. First we train technicians capable to exercise in all enterprises that work in the industrial sector such as:

  • Industrial equipment and control
  • Production and transformation of electrical power
  • Automation and the technical control of buildings
  • Telecommunications
  • Automation of industrial production
  • Distribution of electrical energy
  • Electrical installations in the tertiary sector
  • The distribution of electricity
  • Public equipment
  • Industrial, agro-industrial and large-network cold housing
  • Technical services
  • Transportation (vehicles and road infrastructure)

However you got to meet the basic pre-requisites such as:

  • a keen interest in technological development and in industrial management
  • the of Love physics, electronics, electricity, automation, and robotics
  • ability to participate in the process of installing, maintaining and improving production


  • the love for detail and precision
  • the ability to concentrate
  • ability to easily communicate in words and in writing
  • ability to meet the general admission requirement, and above all
  • the ability to succeed in the written competitive entrance examination into Agenla Academy

at Universities in Cameroon,

If you have all these abilities then the electrical Engineering and Telecommunications Professional Programme is your cup of tea! Now, the following is very evident; if you obtain a qualification in the DUT, BTS/HND, or DSEP/HPD (Electronics, Electro-technical, Telecommunications options), the Electrical Engineering and

Telecommunications programme will train you to became a Senior Technician and fetch you jobs that are fulfilling. This of course will permit you to gain positions in small scale as well as large scale enterprises that engage in industrial production, the tertiary, housing, transport, electrical distribution and telecommunications sectors. Concretely you would acquire the theory and the practical experiences necessary in the understanding of the processes in your field as well as in the domains of :

  • Electricity
  • Electro-technics
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial computerisation
  • Mechanics
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Thermals and
  • Optics

Acquire the competence to do studies, operate, utilise, and maintain high tension electrical equipment as well as equipment that use low tension current (electronic and telecommunications). Our special training will take you first;

- to the domain of technology where you will be able to:

o Learn how to adapt to technological evolutions

o Verify the functioning of the main instruments and equipment used to control

automatization in industrial processes and to use it for calibration, programming andadjustments

o Supervise the secure construction, installation and functioning of industrial

equipment used for the production, transportation, distribution and control of

electrical power and its conversion into a driving force.


  • modify and participate in the conception of systems designed for automatization
  • Install and operate, maintain and modify or update the telecommunications system
  • Ensure support as well as technical services in matters of conception, development,
  • testing, production and exploitation of materials of electrical and electronic systems
  • Assist in the conception and designing of electrical equipment diagrams
  • Assess the cost of the construction works and envisage the cost of labour

- To the domain of communications, and be able to

  • write out documents and
  • Dialogue with the different services of the enterprise as well as with clients and


To the mastery of written and spoken English in order to:

  • Understand documents as well as for relations with foreign services as necessary.
  • Be initiated in the usage of oral and written mandarin language (Chinese)

To the domain of management and be able to:

  • Manage projects and personnel
  • Supervise and
  • Coordinate the work of various technicians

At this juncture you become the object of solicitation by employers who recognize competence and make good your ambitions within their ranks. These potential employers include:

  • Engineering consulting firms
  • Cable distributors
  • Telephone companies
  • Manufacturers of telecommunications equipment
  • Hospitals
  • Saw mills
  • Electricity companies
  • Agro industrial companies
  • Mining companies
  • Manufacturers and dealers in electrical equipment
  • Electricity and automation representation

So you see how meticulous we could be in terms of our design courses in this delicate sector. Where else would you acquire great competence if you don’t apply to Agenla academy?

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