Permit me to make this comment about our Forensics Accounting and Investigation course with some pride once more….
Foolish pride, huh!
Nope. Not the empty ones we come across all day long though!
OK, on the home page of this web site I stated proudly that at Agenla Academy, ‘We build our students' capacity to learn’, but more importantly ‘we also build their capacity to succeed with their lives’. This means we abhor dishonesty, don’t we?
Nowhere else would you find a fitting example of Agenla Academy’s training philosophy of “Character Ethical Values” than with the course on forensics accounting & investigations?
Wherever ethical values are abused we are attracted most, and so our course forensics must be designed to combat cyber and other criminalities with the most scientific rage.
In practise, since we preach the gospel of prevention before repression, our forensics accounting and investigating course is upheld to portray our priority objective of value education and decency for our own students first.
But at the same time it will work out to abate the corrupt and fraudulent practices that have already eaten so rottenly deep into our governance system.
Our special scheme grooms you to join the growing field of forensic accounting and fraud investigations for emerging economies in the Central African sub-region.
You’ll learn how to investigate and analyse financial evidence, apply computer techniques to investigations, and understand the theories of ethics and criminology.
Agenla Academy is determined to provide you with the professional skills and practical techniques that will let you detect and prevent fraud in our business world.

So what’s really at stake?

Sophisticated technological advancement has rendered criminal activities complex and evasive as well, globally. Fraudsters have become ingenuous, creative and much more daring in their efforts at committing economic and financial crimes such that the basic audit and investigation tools are no longer sufficient to unravel these crimes.
Thus, a new set of skills are now required to prevent, detect, investigate and establish the occurrence of economic and financial crimes, and related offences, document evidence capable of presentation in a legal setting.
At Agenla Academy you will receive a strong and credible foundation that stresses the practical aspects of scientific investigation of economic and financial crimes, and your problem-solving skills. Furthermore, we will build your investigative skills to uncover money laundering, illegal financing and other related crimes.

Have a look at your course’s content:

  • You will likely delve into the following areas to accomplish your course:
  • The nature and scope of forensic investigation (as convergent field of specialisation)
  • The nature and scope of Auditing
  • Auditing and forensic accounting: similarities and differences
  • Types of engagements required in forensic accounting
  • Evolution of forensic accounting
  • Skill sets for forensic accountants
  • Forensic accounting investigative methods and techniques
  • Trace evidence, deconstruction and reconstruction of criminal events
  • Forensic analytical procedures
  • Sources and rules of forensic evidence
  • Professional ethics in forensic investigations
  • Professional forensic accounting certification programme. 
  • Emerging issues in forensic accounting

Where to put these skills into practice?

On the field you will be able to carry out corporate corruption investigations and enterprise risk assessments; perform other investigative due diligence on disclosure allegations, accounting fraud, financial misstatement and inadequate disclosure; litigation intelligence; and other fact-gathering services.
You therefore work with great competence to overcome corporate governance challenges. Consequently you will easily be absorbed in the public or private sector in areas like:
fraud and economic loss quantification,
criminal investigations and
the rapidly developing area of computer fraud.
Well, you will certainly not want to fraud your way into Agenla Academy because if you apply here with the right requirement, you will certainly join us.


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