Human Resource Management Training 3, 11

When a company wants to improve its efficiency one of the first things that they would do is

review their resources. This is particularly so with their human resource base, and then

make strategic adjustments.

At Agenla Academy at Universities in Cameroon we figure out that strategic human resource

management is the key to solving problems that affect management programs in our

companies in the long term.

We all know that human beings are the thrust behind any organization. So companies must

be able to implement well formulated strategic human resource ideas that will be

implemented to harness the human capital into increased productivity.

Our goal here is to promote a solid human resource strategy that will allow companies in

Cameroon and the sub-region as a whole to have a good relationship with their workers.

This will not only help them create a conducive working environment within, but will greatly

enhance peaceful interaction with their riverine communities in a way that it will be

mutually beneficial.

Consequently, we want to train you on how to properly implement strategic human

resources plans that will help your future company attain its goals. Clearly, it is your

workforce who will perform the necessary activities you have formulated toward the

attainment of those goals.

With our internship opportunities you experience how some human resource departments

also use awards to motivate employees periodically. The companies may single out one or

more staff and reward them with gifts in the form of money or other prizes and in the

process, encouraging other employees to work hard.

Human resource management requires committed people with a background that would

help them to:

 Be able to implement human resources strategies in accordance with

international law and the Cameroon Labor Code.

 Be able to ensure that the organizational chart, the terms of reference for

each position, and personnel records comply with the standards and

procedures of the organization.

 Provide support / consultancy to managers and supervisors in the field of

human resources management, so as to instil a sense of fairness and justice

in managing their workforce.

 Conduct an annual analysis of training needs for all staff, develop an

implementation plan and ensure its implementation.

 Maintain an adequate classification of training records.

 Propose a staff appraisal framework and ensure its implementation.

 Ensure the regular management of personnel records in accordance with the

standards and procedures of the organization.

Our Professional Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management aims to equip

candidates with modern tools for a workforce management in accordance with the

regulations in force.

The Job opening ahead for you

The skills you acquire at the end of your training should allow you to fit squarely in a

business setting and fill the position of Human Resource Manager.

If you want to take advantage of our singular innovative approach in training Human

Resource experts then clique here for guidelines on how to apply

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