One characteristic of industrial economies is that those who train for advanced industrial maintenance – technicians or engineers – draw mostly from among employees.

Within the context of Central Africa on the other hand, the demand for skilled industrial maintenance workers is increasing outside industry because we are less industrial.

Our manufacturing employers are obliged to enhance the knowledge and skills of their maintenance workforce for career enhancement. But since industrialisation is still youthful and growing they are bound to make fresh recruits from elsewhere as well. This remains in pivotal in today’s manufacturing environment.

So, if you’re applying as an employee we consider that you already have some basic qualities. But if you are an individual seeking freshly to join other professionals of Industrial Maintenance already on the field, then we will be looking out for the following qualities in you before admission;

  • have the love for mechanics,
  • have the ability to analyze and synthesize ;
  • have the sense of pedagogy;
  • have an eye for detail and accuracy.
  • are methodical and meticulous;
  • have a taste for field work;
  • have an ability to communicate your ideas verbally and in writing;
  • have the vision for preventive and predictive maintenance activities.

Want to know your potential employers?

Well, you probably do not need to go far. Industrial maintenance engineers and technicians are found in all industrial sectors especially in the manufacturing as well as the construction sectors including:
the mining, metallurgical, paper and forestry industries
mechanical manufacturing and electronics
maintenance of self-propelled equipment
chemical, textile and furniture industries
the food industry, and
consulting, engineering and infrastructure construction firms

That’s why at Agenla Academy at Universities in Cameroon we take into consideration your skill level in order to develop maintenance and reliability training curricula tailored to the individual needs of all our trainees.

In other words employers and individuals have diverse needs and our Industrial Maintenance Training program has been designed to meet these differential needs.

What then is in our industrial maintenance course for you?

Our approach to industrial maintenance training will radically change both employer and employee output.

First the speed and quality of your company’s maintenance program will improve significantly. At the same time you re-valorise your own industry best practices, which can then bear upon the day to day maintenance of your critical systems, improve uptime and reap the most out of your maintenance efforts.
Note that as your equipment failure rates decrease, the attendant damage and malfunctioning caused by these failures also decline, providing your machinery “a chance to do what they should do best: produce for you”.
Again, our tactical teaching methods insist not only on the acquisition of skills but on the exercise of ethical values. So we produce disciplined maintenance professionals as well.

Therefore, you’ll be a refined industrial maintenance senior technician or engineer ready to re-integrate your company or do business in different areas of industrial maintenance with the ability to perform your miracle at a number of levels namely:

At the technical level to:

  • identify, analyze and solve problems of maintenance and operation of industrial equipment;
  • plan and manage the maintenance of industrial systems;
  • design and implement preventive and predictive maintenance programs;
  • evaluate and optimize the operation of industrial equipment;
  • analyze, select and install mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and lubrication systems;
  • verify compliance with standards and plans for installations and equipment;
  • perform machining and welding operations required for the manufacture, assembly and repair of simple mechanical parts.

In terms of communication to:

  • search, process and transmit information for management purposes within the framework of industrial projects;
  • communicate effectively in technical terms in French and English in different work contexts;
  • Work effectively in teams and in close collaboration with the various stakeholders.

At the level of personal and professional development:

  • make good use of your capacity for analysis and synthesis, exercise your sense of responsibility, and critical and judgement faculty;
  • care for detail and the accuracy of measurements and data;
  • show autonomy in the execution of works;

Above all care about health and safety and environmental protection in the exercise of your functions while respecting the laws and regulations. And all that’s possible only when you apply here

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