Logistics and Transport 3, 10

I know not much about transportation but I always marvel at, and try to compare the little-

bitty things of my personal travel, and the gumbo-jumbo logistics involved in getting from

one point to the other with some luggage.

Consider all the work that must go into obtaining your ticket, and what it takes for various

workers to make a flight happen for you.

For example to get on the plane and to get off the plane are not the only parts of personal

travel. There is the primary level of transport vs. all of the modes involved to get to the

airport, such as a taxi, baggage conveyance etc. Additionally, you may have layovers,

meaning you will have to sit in waiting rooms, get some snacks, scan a newspaper etc.

So, are Transportation and Logistics Management the same thing?

Generally speaking they are not the same thing as Logistics requires more planning.

Transportation is just the mode to execute the planning when getting freight from point A

to point B. Transportation is just simply a part of logistics.

So when you become a logistics executive after your qualification at Agenla Academy at

Universities in Cameroon you will be able to make further decisions beyond the mode of

transportation to include:

 Packaging

 Containerization

 Documentation

 Insurance

 Storage

 Importing and Exporting Regulations

 Freight Damage Claims

 Working & collaborating with other executives within the supply chain

 Managing vendors and partners

 Responsible for mitigating risk and mitigating expenditures

In order to become a logistics executive you must have certain qualities such that you must:

 be interested in the areas of production, procurement, storage and


 have a special interest in management in an industrial and / or commercial


 have a logical mind

 have the ability to analyse and synthesize;

 be ingenious;

 be able to handle physical operations (transportation, handling and storage),

flow management requiring advanced IT tools, complete flow management

from the factory right to the customer.

The logistics and transport course program is for you

The world of logistics has expanded considerably in recent years. Long assimilated to

transportation, logistics now encompasses several functions, both in the areas of

production, inventory, warehousing, distribution, and in information systems.

Logistics manages both the flow of information associated with them, working closely with

the various partners, namely; customers, transporters, distributors and suppliers. Specific

logistics issues, in particular electronic commerce, make it an even more attractive sector.

Job positions available after your course include :

 Logistician,

 Logistics Analyst,

 Charterer,

 Logistics Manager

 Warehouse Manager,

 Stock Manager,

 Fleet Manager,

 Transport Manager,

 Customer Services Manager,

 Customs Broker,

 Commercial Agent,

 Dock Manager,

 Etc.

Generally, logistics management is not a household affair in Cameroon. Take advantage of

this rare opportunity and apply right now. Otherwise it may be too late just ahead.

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