Why choose Agenla Academy at Universities in Cameroon?

“Do you want to own the world and feel great?” Well, I know this is hardly a fair question to confront you a prospective student of Agenla Academy at Universities in Cameroon with.

You are navigating our website to glean useful application info and hopefully apply, aren’t you? So, hardly the time to be distracted with irrelevant discussions about “wealth and how to own the world……….”

Having fun with pleasant words, huh? Nope! Just trying to re-articulate this great and exciting possibility for you!

Whatever the case, just can’t swallow back my question? So, the point I’m making here is that I believe it’s quite possible

for you to spin your dreams around, and make them work for you. This means you can materialise your dream right in your

hands (or in your bank account) and show- off to your palls saying;

“Hey, guys at last my dreams came true because I enrolled at Agelna Academy at Universities in Cameroon”. Now, permit me ask one last question. How else can one own the world?

Well, Americans have demonstrated how the “American dream” can come true from a strong will, haven’t they?

Agenla Academy at Universities in Cameroon represents your own “American Dream” come true as well. It only requires your will to make things work out for you.

That’s why the Academy is meticulous. We are building our fame as an English-French bilingual

higher educational institution. Our commitment to innovation, excellence as well as personal and

practical economic development for the entire Central African sub-region is total.

Now, we admit students on the basis of their academic merit. But you must also be passionate about

innovation, respect for economic development, and the quest for personal success.

If that sounds like you, and you like to think for yourself, Agenla Academy is just the place for you.

….smiling down at your monitor now, aren’t you?

Great, so Agenla Academy at Universities in Cameroon has all what it takes to lead you to that

“dream-come- true”. So what’s left? Apply Now.

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