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Academic Departments

The main aim of academic departments of the University is to guarantee quality teaching and ensure that professional training matches with the needs of the business world.

For this purpose, academic departments design courses to be consistent with the evolution of current knowledge in professional practices in the different disciplines or fields, design lesson content in accordance with the structure proposed by the University Council, participate in the definition of teaching profile of staff, ensure the availability of necessary library resources within the University.

They also carry out research in collaboration with university institutions and partner research centers of the University, both at the national and international levels.

They are also involved in innovation activity, with the aim to develop new methods, new practices, new services or new products, in close relation with the University’s guidelines.

19 Academic Departments of the University are attached to four Schools that make up the University as follows:

Training in engineering fields

The School of Engineering

  • Mining and petroleum engineering
  • Mechanical engineering and industrial maintenance
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical engineering and renewable energies
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Computer Engineering
  • Agropastoral and agribusiness engineering
Business school training

The School of Social Sciences, Business and Management

  • Business and management
  • Communication
Training in health professions.

The School of Health Sciences

  • Biomedical sciences
  • Medical and health sciences
  • Human nutrition
Training in audiovisual professions.

The School of Audiovisual Media

  • Journalism and field reporter
  • Maintenance, transmission and broadcasting
  • Shooting and lighting
  • Sound engineering
  • Video editing and special effects
  • Computer graphics and multimedia
  • Archiving

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