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Become a student


In order to provide better counselling services to our students, we propose an elaborate and rigorous process to applicants which comprises the five steps listed below :

Step 1: benefit from the guidance of our reception and orientation service

The reception and orientation service welcomes applicants to AGENLA University. It provides the necessary information on the training courses offered, specializations and the careers students receive training for, the schedule of teaching activities, internships, possibilities to pursue careers within partnering business organizations, or to create an enterprise in the business incubator of the University.

This service is offered at our main campus located in Nsa-Zomo

Step 2 : Obtaining an application file

The application file can be obtained from either of our campuses in Yaoundé from Monday to Friday 8 A.M. to 6 P.M., or at GBHS Bafoussam from Mr. Nahoussou Alfred (Tel: 697 65 20 70 / 677 08 39 95), University regional representative.

The application file can equally be downloaded from this link (see Admissions). It contains the list of required documents, the deadline for applications, the site for the entrance exam, the schedule of papers, application fees and tuition fees.

Candidates can apply online via this link (see Admissions and Application).

The deadline for applications is the Tuesday before the session chosen by the applicant, and the application file must be submitted before 6 P.M.

Step 3: Submit the application

Submit the application in one of these establishments:

  • The University main campus located in Nsa Zomo via 10e arret (between Biteng and Nkoabang) or via Father Monti Bilingual College in Yaounde
  • The annex campus located in Bastos/ Nkol Eton, montée Moto Georges, entrance of Meumi Hotel, Yaoundé

AGENLA University has a partnership agreement with each of the following secondary school institutions:

GBHS Bafoussam, GTHS Nkolbisson, GBHS Ekounou, GTHS Ekounou, Intelligentsia Cognitive, Frantz Fanon College, Queensway International College, Collège de Pythagore, Collège bilingue Horeb, Complexe bilingue La Solidarité, Institut ITAMBE, Collège MBE, Institut PETOU, Collège Frantz Fanon, GHS Abang Nkongoa, GCHS Mfou, Genius Trilingual College, GTHS Mfou, College Marie-Albert prestige, Collège Marie-Albert 2, Amasia Bilingual School Complex.

Step 4: Take the entrance exam and find out more about the university

The entrance exam takes place on a single day, and follows a well-defined schedule.

  • A lunch-break offered to applicants during which they mingle with AGENLA University students who share their experience, answer questions asked by applicants and entertain them before the start of the oral exam.
  • A breakfast for the parents of applicants organized by the University administration during which they present the University project to parents and answer their questions.

Form for the presentation of entrance examination papers

Step 5: Benefit from further advice during the orientation session

An orientation seminar is held at the start of the first year of study. Information about course programs and career opportunities for each specialization is provided to students. During this seminar, students can get additional advice related to the choice of their field of study and their training in the University as well.

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