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06 Major Domains of Training

A wide choice of training in several areas

Mining, Petroleum and gaz

Engineering Sciences

Agronomy, Fisheries, and Veterinary Medecine

Health Science

Business and Management


About the Bilingual Sub-Regional Institute University, Agenla Academy, Yaoundé - Cameroun

Agenla Academy is a Private Bilingual Sub-Regional University Institute with a sub-regional vocation in Central and West Africa. It is placed under the administrative authority of several Ministerial Departments in Cameroon, namely :

The Ministry of Higher Education by Order No. 13/0410/MINESUP/SG/DDES of September 10, 2013 creating the Agenla Academy University Institute;

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Benefit from a device that combines two learning methods

eLearning (online learning) and face-to-face (classic training). The learner is placed at the heart of the training process and is an actor in its training. This type of learning promotes interactivity and online learning. The learner feels more involved, and therefore more motivated. Face-to-face sessions allow him to exchange views, interact with the trainer and other learners, work collaboratively and enrich his learning.

Benefit from advanced training whatever your geographic location

The e-Learning training allows you to follow the same curriculum as face-to-face training and allows you to save on relocation. However, good quality Internet access is an imperative for following this type of training.

Ideal training in a suitable setting

Face-to-face with a trainer allows personalized follow-up and facilitates contact in case of difficulties. Face-to-face training is aimed particularly at adults for whom total autonomy during training constitutes an obstacle, a source of scattering or confusion.

Adapted to capacity building of companies

As part of the training of the staff of a large company, the use of training by videoconference is an interesting solution (lower ecological impact, savings for the organization, etc.)

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