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Breaking news! Signing of Partnership Agreement this 13th July 2021 between our University Institute, Agenla Academy and the Cameroon Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

The Cameroon Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is signing a partnership agreement with The Bilingual Sub-Regional University Institute, Agenla Academy, Yaounde today. This very important event is due to take place at 14 :00 PM this 13th day of July 2021 at the conference hall of MINADER in Yaounde.

Through this Partnership agreement, both Agenla Academy and MINADER
are Strategic partners in the scope of developing Professional Training in Agro-Pastoral and Rural Develpement domains. This comes to add to the numerous strategic partners that Agenla Academy has in it’s different domains of expertise and training.
Agenla Academy is looking forward to being the number 1 in Agro Pastoral Entrepreuneurship and Rural development training in Cameroon and the entire center and west African sub regions as a whole.

Please don’t miss the next step!

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