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The University intends to consider the parents of students as natural partners with whom it feels bound by the same educational mission, namely the personal fulfillment of the students and their successful integration into professional life

Several provisions help to give substance to this desire: the reception of parents of candidates during admission tests, the participation of parents in the annual general assembly of each of the University Schools, the availability of a permanent corps of faculty to interact with parents whenever necessary.

The reception of candidates’ parents during the admission tests is an opportunity to have an in-depth exchange with them, on the University’s educational project and to provide answers to questions that may arise.

The annual general meeting of each of the Schools is a privileged institutional moment to present the School’s project, and its prospects for development; and to exchange views with all the concerned stakeholders.

The University faculty is fully available to give advice concerning orientation of students and the choices they have to make, and in the search for an internship in a company or their first job, for example.

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