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The University complies with the regulations in force by operating under the supervision of the following State Universities  :

  • the University of Yaounde I (the National Polytechnic School of Yaounde);
  • the University of Yaounde II;
  • the University of Ngaoundere (the EGEM of Meiganga);
  • the University of Maroua (the National Polytechnic School of Maroua and the Faculty of Mines and Petroleum of Kaele)

with which it cooperates closely in the fields of teaching and research.

The development of close cooperation with international academic institutions is another key area of ​​development for the University.

When it was created, the University was supported by the CEGEP of Sept-Îles, Quebec. It has taken steps, with the aim of concluding a cooperation agreement, with the following institutions: Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, Melbourne University, IGS Paris Group, ESIEA Paris, ISTEC Paris, Pierre University and Marie Curie Paris 6, University Galilee Paris 13.

Some university partners