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About us


In accordance with the general provisions of Law No. 005 of April 16, 2001 on the orientation of Higher Education in Cameroon, Agenla Academy is a University Institute placed under the administrative authority of:

  • The Ministry of Higher Education by Order No. 13/0410/MINESUP/SG/DDES of September 10, 2013 creating the Agenla Academy University Institute;
  • The Ministry of Public Health pursuant to Decision No. 2828 / D / MINSANTE / SG / DRH of April 08, 2022 on the Creation and Opening of our Health School called “the Sub-Regional Bilingual University Institute Agenla Academy”;
  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development through the Agreement signed between the said Ministry and Agenla Academy on July 13, 2021; And
  • The Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training pursuant to Order No. 00000056/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/SACD of March 01, 2021 creation  the “VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE AGENLA (VTIA)”.

The University has its own autonomous administrative steering bodies.

Agenla Academy Bilingual University Institute  complies with the regulations in force by operating under the supervision and mentorship  of the following State Universities:

  • The University of Yaoundé I, the National Polytechnic School of Yaoundé
  • The University of Yaoundé II
  • The University of Douala, the National Polytechnic School of Douala, The  Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences of The University of Douala, and ESSEC of The University of Douala
  • The University of N’Gaoundéré, The School of Geology and Mining (EGEM of Meiganga)
  • The University of Maroua, the National Polytechnic School of Maroua  and the National School of Mines and Petroleum Industries of the University of Maroua)
  • The University of Bamenda

Agenla Academy is headed by the Promoter and Vice President. Agenla Academy University Institute has  a Board of Directors responsible for guiding it towards achieving its strategic development objectives and goals.

The University facilitates faculty, students and administrative staff in their cultural, sporting and social activities.

Agenla Academy is a Bilingual Sub-Regional University Institute placed under the decision-making authority of several Ministerial Departments in Cameroon, namely: Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Agriculture and of Rural Development, and the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.

In the various pages of this website, the Sub-Regional Bilingual University Institute – Agenla Academy, Yaoundé is referred to as “the University”, or Agenla Academy, or Institute, or AA.

When it was created, Agenla Academy had several courses in various fields of studies . The programs offered gradually expanded with the constantly growing demand, which required an administrative restructuring . This administrative  restructuring  took place in December 2018, and was concretized by The Minister in charge of Higher Education via  the correspondence referenced 18-10519/L/MINESUP/SG/DDES/ESUP/ SDA/GA dated December 17, 2018. In the terms of  this restructuring, Agenla Academy moved from the status of ‘Higher Institute’ to that of ‘University Institute’, baptized under  the new appellation “Sub-Regional Bilingual University Institute – Agenla Academy, Yaoundé”, with 4 big schools namely : 

  • School of Engineering Sciences 
  • School of Health Science 
  • Business School
  • School of Audio- Visual Professions .

Each of these school is made up of specialties .


Four major schools

offering training in several disciplines

The School of Engineering

The School of Social Sciences, Business and Management

The School of Health Sciences

The School of Audiovisual Media

Each of Agenla Academy Schools has several development councils, in which many professionals or representatives of the University’s partner companies participate:

  • A School Council
  • A General Assembly
  • A scientific committee
  • A guidance and counselling committee
  • A Department Council
Agenla Academy Bilingual University Institute intends to promote the concept of  International and Professional Higher education in Africa.

The mission of the University is to prepare its graduates for effective and practical roles that align with the needs of the business world. Training is conducted within the specialized training pools of the University, adhering to the demands of each profession. This approach ensures that graduates acquire skills essential for international positions.

The University consists of four major schools. Each one is dedicated to training in a specific domain: engineering, social sciences, commerce and management, health sciences, and audiovisual media.

Each school offers a course program leading to various diplomas: BTS, HND, the diploma of a healthcare technician, a Professional Bachelor’s Degree, or a Professional Master’s Degree. In addition to these diplomas, there are opportunities for the continuing professional development of company workers and administrative staff.

Each of the four training pools benefits substantially from the support of a group of business partners. These businesses collaborate with the school based on a clear partnership: participation of business representatives in entrance exams, testimonials from company representatives praising the high training standards of the school, the establishment of a Chair within the school responsible for pre-recruitment and subsequent hiring of school graduates, engagement of company staff in the school’s continuing professional development programs, and financial contributions from the company to the school.

Each of the four training schools collaborates closely with one or more application companies. Here, students can apply classroom knowledge, and both faculty and students can participate in research and innovation. These application companies also contribute financially to their respective training pools, ensuring the school has the resources to achieve its objectives.

Application companies operate independently and sustainably. They report their economic and administrative performance to the University’s Board of Directors, especially during special sessions addressing matters related to these companies.

Such companies often collaborate within a collective of application companies, seeking solutions to shared challenges under the guidance of a Coordinator.Furthermore, the University hosts a business incubator providing a range of support services to startups. This incubator welcomes students from all schools, encouraging them to view entrepreneurship as a prime avenue for professional integration. It’s also open to faculty, administrative staff, and external project leaders.


Our Strenghts

  • Certification of skills in the course of training in addition to diplomas obtained;
  • Very competent Faculty (lecturers & practitioners)
  • Training methodology: Competence based approach and 50% practicals
  • Top-notch, cutting-edge equipment and laboratories in our various training sectors
  • A good range of partners in the various areas of training
  • Lessons given via Power-point presentations and video projectors
  • Personalized follow-up of students in private without additional charges (Tutoring) A modern University restaurant and infrastructure;
  • Free to and from bus shuttle between 10ème Arrêt Nkoabang and the University campus
  • Internship assured
  • Business incubator
  • Assistance in project funding
  • Campus very modern, clean, calm and secured
  • On-campus students’ lodgings and in the surrounding
  • Assistance in the professional integration of our learners
  • Possibilities to pursue studies abroad at partners institutions
  • High speed internet connection for all.
  • Recreational activities ( Football Field, Handball court, Tennis court, Volley ball court, Game room (PlayStation with big screen, Billards, Table-footBall, Table tennis, Scrabble, Monopoly, Etc. ))
  • Reserved religious space for Muslims and Christians 

Agenla Academy