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Multiplying relations with companies is at the heart of the educational project of the University.

Each of the four training centers benefits from the presence of a group of partner companies from the school concerned. These companies cooperate with the School on the basis of a wide range of partnership arrangements: participation of company representatives in the admission tests, a contribution to the quality of teaching thanks to numerous testimonials from representatives of the company as part of the courses taught, the reception of internship students within the company, the animation of a professional chair within the School conceived as a pre-recruitment program, the recruitment of graduates of the School, the participation of executives and staff of the company in the continuing education programs offered by the School, a contribution of the company to the financing of the School.

The participation of professionals in admission tests reflects the University’s willingness to consider the training it offers as a stepping stone to the job market. In so doing, the University works the companies with which it is in partnership with, from the beginning of the training process, and during the selection phase of the students who are the potential future employees of these companies.

The testimonies and the contribution of professionals in terms of teaching are an essential dimension of the professional approach implemented by the University in the conception of its lessons. These professionals are better placed to share their practices and experience, which give concrete and practical dimension to teaching activities.

The internships undertaken by students throughout their course program are opportunities to put into practice the lessons learned in class, and to deepen their understanding. They also constitute rich experiences which add value to the candidates’ CV when they start hunting for the first job.

A professional chair, designed as a pre-recruitment program, allows a partner company to establish, within the University, a pool of future recruits whose training has been adapted to fit the specific needs of the company in terms of strategic jobs.

The participation of staff and business executives in continuing education programs offered by the School is a provision conducive to strengthening established relationships and increased opportunities for exchanges between students and business executives.