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Finance your studies


to help you pay for your studies.

Tuition fees are the contribution that students are asked to pay for the cost of their training.

Other sources of funding for the cost of student training come from financial support of partner companies for each of the training centers, and the contribution of the University’s practicing companies to provide funds for the training center they are linked to through the mobilization of their operating profit for this purpose.

Several provisions, which are fully integrated into the educational project of the University help students pay tuition fees. These include: scholarships awarded to the best candidates at their admission, bonuses that students can claim during their internships in companies, the revenue students get by working in the practicing companies, and free tuition fees for candidates who have demonstrated a sporting talent or exceptional artistic talent.

Upon admission to the first year, the best students of Terminale / Upper Sixth classes as well as candidates who have passed their Baccalaureat / A Level with honours, are awarded scholarships by the University. Such scholarships are also awarded to candidates who have demonstrated an excellent level during their first two years of higher education, upon admission to the third year.

Host companies often grant bonuses to students of the University during internships that they carry out throughout their course program.

Sometimes, decent wages are paid to students who do internship in University practicing companies.

Free tuition is granted to candidates who have demonstrated a sporting talent or an exceptional artistic talent, justified by winning a prize at the international level.