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2022 National Examination Results: Agenla Academy Upholds its Legacy of Excellence

The Institut Universitaire Sous Régional Bilingue Agenla Academy in Yaoundé has once again showcased its academic distinction during the 2022 session of the National Examinations. The results for the Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) and the Higher National Diploma (HND) were exemplary:

  •  A remarkable 23 accolades were achieved in both the National First and National Vice-First Positions categories.
  •  An impressive 100% pass rate was secured in 15 fields, including Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Software Engineering, Petroleum System and Exploitation Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Maintenance, Building Sciences and Technology (BST), Agropastoral Entrepreneurship, Communication of Organizations, Human Resource Management (HRM), Project Management (PM), and Nursing (NUR), among others.
  • Other specialties consistently achieved scores of 97.5% or higher.

It’s noteworthy to mention that Agenla Academy has consistently upheld a 100% success rate in these domains for the past five years, and has displayed stellar performances in the Professional Bachelors and Masters Degree Examinations across all specialties.

Such outstanding outcomes are not coincidental. They are a testament to:

  • Our unwavering commitment to top-tier mentorship and fostering a competitive spirit among students.
  • An experienced and dedicated faculty who prioritize addressing student concerns.
  • Our competence-driven pedagogical approach.
  •  Modern, fully-equipped laboratories.
  •  An environment conducive to undistracted, focused learning.
  • Valuable internship opportunities through strategic partnerships.
  • A strong emphasis on practical experience via extensive fieldwork and hands-on activities.

Our strategic initiatives have propelled a significant rate of socio-professional integration for our alumni, which is currently an outstanding 90%.

For those aspiring to join an institution that embodies academic excellence, Agenla Academy eagerly awaits you. The registration form is available for <a> download here.</a>

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